Vouchers, Parochiaid & Bigotry

by Fr. Charles Irvin June 1998 In the emerging debate over school vouchers Geoffrey Fieger is already attempting to muddy the waters by introducing emotionalism, fear and anti-Catholic bigotry (Catholics are “religious nuts” in his rhetoric). Out on the stump in the gubernatorial race his favorite theme is to suggest Continue Reading →

Vouchers & Parochiad 1999

by Fr. Charles Irvin June 1998 Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Arizona and Minnesota have school choice voucher programs or educational tax credit programs, both of which give poor families true freedom of choice when it comes to giving their children the education they need to get up out of the poverty Continue Reading →


by Fr. Charles Irvin July 1996 The Deadly World Of Adolph Hitler And Jack Kevorkian Adolph Hitler and Jack Kevorkian share ideas growing out of the same soil in their efforts to benefit society, eliminate “defectives” and mercifully terminate the lives of those who are hopelessly deprived of a “quality Continue Reading →

Euthanasia (June,1995)

by Fr. Charlie Irvin (June,1995) Mercy killing and assisted suicide are much in the news, “Doctor” Jack Kevorkian and his flamboyant attorney Geoffrey Fiegher doing their best to keep it so under the O. J. Simpson trial’s avalanche. Along with the showmanship produced by the Kevorkian & Fiegher troupe, a Continue Reading →

Is It Constitutionally Permissible To Issue Education Vouchers To Children Attending Religiously Based Private and Parochial Schools?

by Fr. Charles Irvin June 1998 DECONSTRUCTING THE WALL The legislature of the State of Michigan, with the Governor’s active participation, has divested the State’s public schools from local property tax support. With that divestment other fundamental questions have arisen as to the future direction of Michigan’s public schools. Curricula Continue Reading →

Voucher Battlegrounds

by Fr. Charles Irvin June 1998 Michigan, I fearlessly forecast, will soon become one of America’s great battlegrounds over school voucher proposals. The anti-voucher, anti-choice people who appear to be horrified at the idea that poor, inner-city, nonwhite kids may be given real educational choices are stepping up their war Continue Reading →