Voucher Battlegrounds

by Fr. Charles Irvin June 1998 Michigan, I fearlessly forecast, will soon become one of America’s great battlegrounds over school voucher proposals. The anti-voucher, anti-choice people who appear to be horrified at the idea that poor, inner-city, nonwhite kids may be given real educational choices are stepping up their war Continue Reading →

Arguing the Spiritual Case

by Fr. Charles Irvin October,1998 Arguing The Spiritual Case Against Proposal B: For T.V. Debate In Flint, Michigan, On Thursday 7 October 1998 The forthcoming referendum on Proposal B presents the electorate of Michigan with a clear opportunity to return to the purpose and intent of our nation’s Declaration of Continue Reading →

Vouchers, Parochiaid & Bigotry

by Fr. Charles Irvin June 1998 In the emerging debate over school vouchers Geoffrey Fieger is already attempting to muddy the waters by introducing emotionalism, fear and anti-Catholic bigotry (Catholics are “religious nuts” in his rhetoric). Out on the stump in the gubernatorial race his favorite theme is to suggest Continue Reading →