On Natural Law – Part I

by Fr. Charles Irvin May,1995 Natural Law is found in human reason; human reason discovers Natural Law. Natural laws are those first principles, those self- evident principles, that require no proof; that demand the assent of the human mind, unless it wishes to risk insanity; they are not simply the Continue Reading →

Give to Caesar…

by Fr. Charles Irvin October, 1996 [These observations were written for a homily given on October 20, 1996, the Twenty-Ninth Sunday of the Year, in the Lectionary’s A-Cycle, the scripture passages being taken from Isaiah 45:1,4-6; 1 Thessalonians 1:1-5; Matthew 22:15-21] One of the most vexing issues of our time, Continue Reading →

On The Ordination of Women

by Fr. Charles Irvin July, 1996 Ordaining women as priests? There have been a lot of arguments both for and against this proposal from varying points of view, the more popular of them being politically based. I say politically based because they are constructed on grounds that assume the Church Continue Reading →

On Wombs and God

by Fr. Charles Irvin July,1995 The Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights is a group of clerics which declares: “Freedom of Choice is Sacred”. They use the RCAR for their main purpose: to attempt to buttress the abortion movement with theological and religious sounding props. One of their main claims is Continue Reading →

The Centurion

by Fr. Charles Irvin December, 1997 The bitter consequence of our disordered liberty, a former freedom to do good that has been turned into a license to do anything, is drowning our souls in a tidal wave of societal disintegration. Abortion, drive-by killings, random killings, consumerism, drug abuse, family disintegration, Continue Reading →